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PADI Professional Training

As a Dive Instructor trainer who has worked in the dive industry for over 20 years I know what it takes to be a successful dive pro. I can help you gain the skills that you need. It is more than a scuba course and I can help you gain the experience and skills you need to be successful in the scuba industry. It is a life changing experience and training program.

Divemaster training

The first professional level of scuba training. As a PADI Divemaster you can lead certified divers and work as an instructional assistant.  This program hones you professional skills as a diver. 

Instructor training

PADI instructor training will teach you “how to teach”. As an instructor there are many roles you can fulfil and it is important that you are prepared for them.

Resort management

There are many facets to managing a dive resort. This can include analyzing your business, marketing and management of staff and shop.

Make Your Own Opportunities

Your path is what you make it in the scuba world. In addition to the skills that are provided during a standard PADI professional program there are many more that are beneficial. These will provide you with the foundation for a great career in scuba. I think it is important to include theses additional skills as part of you PADI Pro training in general so have put together extensive training packages which add additional value to your training. These include marketing, branding and management. 

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