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There are many aspects to a successful scuba diving business and without a consistent plan it can be overwhelming. With my experience in the industry I will help analyze and develop a successful program for your scuba business and needs.

Scuba consultancy

There are many aspects to a successful scuba diving venture. This starts from analysis of your market and current business to where you would like to take it. I can assist with many aspects including but not limited to the following;

Analysis of your business

Defining both your business, clients and market.



Defining your business and its consistency across various medias

Business plans

Creation of a solid plan looking at growing all facets of your scuba business in the local area.


Analysis of your current marketing plans if any and creation of the best way forward for your business. This can include social media, web presence and SEO.


Training of your team is essential. Not just in scuba but with customer service and good business practices. A good team is key to a successful business.


Scuba consultancy

Business analysis

I offer a basic analysis of your scuba business looking at your goals and aims, and what your market potential can be. This can be done remotely and will include a personalized assessment.

Staff training

Your team are key to a successful business. Providing training in aspects of customer service and resort operations will enable them to be better equipped in developing with you. Training can include certification in the unique Resort Operations program.


Full business package

I can customize a full scuba package looking at your business and its needs. This is based around the unique Resort operations certification and includes staff training in the following areas; Daily shop operations and communication. Also business marketing, local area analysis, website and branding refresh. Any areas that offer potential for expansion can beworked on in a personalized strategy for your business. 

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