I apologise ahead of time if I offend any one with my comments (or spelling). Get over it : ) And an FYI, I am English, so it would be the correct way of spelling ; P

You think, for a moment, that things are starting to turn around, and then WHAM. Back to lockdown and more restrictions.

I completely get it, I really do. But what the hell is up with some people? “I am immune to everything and I will just wonder out and hang out in my social bubble of 200 people and it will all be glitter and frickin’ rainbows.” And I’m sorry, but the whole conspiracy theory people. Seriously?! As more people can voice their opinions and thoughts, more people are turning into complete morons. Facebook, when I do have a check is complete bollox most of the time, but hey, this is MY opinion and I am allowed to voice it.

riding in quepos

You know what one fo the saddest moments of my week was? Watching my daughter go to school with a mask on her face. She is 4. That is reality right now and it is horrible! Sitting at socially distanced tables, probably trying to pick her nose under the mask. She took it all in her stride and I am so proud of her. I went bonkers today and bought her a little treat for finishing up the first week with a mask. Its a “my little pony” She has discovered them and is slightly obsessing with constant drawing and singing. There are many horrific things out there that kids get obsessed with. I bow to some of them, others I refuse, for example, PJ masks, we have seen and also paw patrol. I make a statement right now and say that TV only comes on for a bit in the evenings, and at the weekends in the morning as a treat. I refuse to sit her in front on the TV and watch her turn into a zombie, but neither are we perfect. And yes, when sometimes i need a break, it does come on. I am picky about what she watches as I have to hear it in the background and some of it on netflix etc is absolute crap. My little pony I go with, and as we recently started horse riding lessons I feel there is some influence there.

Rainbow dash

I had found some pony knockoffs earlier in the week and almost went for it. But she knows, trust me, and they would not work. Today, I bit the bullet and went to “Maxipali”, the Tescos of Costa Rica. I wasn’t actually looking for that, I was looking for something as mundane as printer ink and this store has such a random eclectic selection of things they have it. First up I wasn’t allowed in as my mask wasn’t “masky enough”. It covers my nose and mouth with two layers of material. How is that not acceptable? Anyway, After changing it out to something that looks more acceptable,I got my hands sprayed with the thickest alcohol goop I have yet to encounter and headed in.

In general I hate Maxipali. It is one of those stores that if in Britain, it would have queues full of people tapping their foot and tutting. Instead here, you will wait in a queue of 5 people, one cashier open, 7 closed and just chill. The lady paying has lost her card, no wait, an item they have scanned isn’t in the system…hold on everybody…Pura Vida! It drives me bonkers! However, with Covid-19, they have employed more cashiers! OMG! So now, you can actually get through instead of waiting half hour to check out. Tick for Maxi Pali. So, possibly the quickest in and out there this morning and with princess twighlight sparkle and rainbow dash in my bag, I hope it will be a good day! (yes, I know the names !)

So from saddest moment of my life this week to my highlight. Shorts! I fit into a pair of shorts that I haven’t got into for 5 years. That felt so good. I have been back on a mission to lose weight recently, just a bit tired of how I look. It’s harder when a lot of your friends tend to be tiny waisted yummy mummies, who no matter what they eat, stay mini. I went on the scales the other week, I hate scales, they lie. No really I am convinced they do. According to the scales I had put on weight?! How is that possible when I am down a size in clothes? I know muscle etc counts but still. Makes you feel crappy. Also, makes you feel more determined. I feel like I am one of those “I am big boned” people. But then everytime I hear that all I can think about is Cartman stuffing his face with cheesy poofs. Big boned my arse.

Friday today so that means Pizza day. Homemade mind you, I am Martha Stewart (or Delia for the Brits) reborn. Or so I like to think. Running around all day like a headless chicken and yet I decide to make homemade bread during the week and then pizzas??!! I do it to myself. This way though, I can make mine smaller, to keep going on my positive road to smaller shorts. Smaller pizza size, larger wine glass size…goes without saying really. I think with the sun shining it puts me in a mood for some mummy day drinking…..no wait, responsibility,work, kids…. let’s wait until at least 1pm once I am out of the car and at home. : )

Happy weekend everyone!