Its the end of week one and a half of self-quarantine. We are now heading into the second. A lot of you out there have been in it longer than we have so kudos to you. Being in quarantine though I think of a quote I saw online ;

“Guests like fish, become smelly after three days”.

Living with my family, not leaving apart for grocery runs and a exercise for a week and a half, yes, even washing everyday I can believe that quote. We have 2 adults, one 4 year old, one 1 year old, a 70lb dog and an obnoxious cat, that has a doubly obnoxious meow. It becomes a kind of sticky, stinky animal/kid, stuck in smell. Can’t beat family!

I have been trying to get a routine going here. Especially with my daughter in the morning consisting of exercise, some learning things, then some educational games. I will be honest, it started off reasonably well and petered out towards the end of the week. We will start this week again strong!! Exercise was certainly amusing. We started out with P.E with Joe. For those of you that don’t know, its a kid oriented 30min HIT workout with things like “spiderman web shooting” and fun things like that. I’ll tell you what though, even for a relatively fit person, it is pretty tiring.

My husband did it one day last week and could hardly move for the next two days which was certainly funny. We have moved onto Cosmic kids yoga as they tell a story whilst doing the poses. We made our way through the Moana adventure yesterday which held her attention for the whole workout. Notch that down in the book for next week I think.

One of the nice things here is that we can still exercise. I can escape every morning with my dog and take a peaceful stroll. It helps me prepare mentally for the day for sure. And yes, talking to my dog whilst walking keeps me sane.

Finding motivation to keep it up can be very hard. I have been working on a couple of online courses at night to give me some inspiration to keep plugging. If I can keep my eyes open that is.

I suggest doing something like that as its healthy to keep the mind busy and a lot of courses at the moment are free.

My current project I am trying to take on amongst the other things is reinventing myself a bit. With all of the scuba work I have done over the years I get asked more and more for help and advice from dive centers. I am always happy to help, but it comes to a point. Then you start to think, hmmmm I should be charging for this. So. I am looking at ways of making myself more or a scuba consultant person. As a course director who trains as well as giving business advice and marketing suggestions, thats the best way to go about it. Question, is how. Any suggestions?

So thinking cap is on now, and off to the drawing board. All obviously between, kids, sweat, stress and fun!

Happy lockdown!