Wow indeed, I think is the best way to start this. I warn you now. This is one of my rambling posts, non-structured or thought out, I am writing my thoughts on paper as for me it is the best way to make sense of everything that is in my head.

coronavirus in costa rica

The world is absolutely crazy right now. With the pandemic that is coronavirus streaking across the world I have heard many “interesting” theories and many insane discussions about what’s going to happen, when it will happen, where it has come from. Yes, this very much needs to be taken seriously, but do we need to go into a full blown panic? I don’t think so as it won’t do much, apart from have people run down to the supermarket to buy 50 toilet rolls. We need to stay calm and follow the recommendations that are offered to us as in “do not panic buy”.

Social distancing is recommended, but as I write this I am looking across at a table, 10 metres from me with a family of four at it. Every single one of them has not looked up from their phone or said a word to each other in 5 minutes. Social distancing right?!

costa rica pura vida

Think about others

We need to think about others that are more vulnerable than us, maybe you are one them. Shame on you if you do not take it seriously enough and put others at risk. The mortality rate of Coronavirus at the time I am writing this is estimated at around 1.4%. It is low compared to many other contagious diseases. This is not the worry, it is how contagious it is. It has spread so fast at an unprecedented rate throughout the world, and, with its two week incubation period, will not always show symptoms whilst contagious.

It is most dangerous to those who are considered vulnerable. As I mentioned, whilst that may not be you, it could be a relative or friend. Think about that for a moment. Imagine losing them suddenly. Some people already have.

World effect

The effect on the world economically has already started. Here in Costa Rica we have a huge tourism industry and in the space of a week, we have gone from a bustling marina and dive boat to an almost ghost town. It is getting quieter everyday as well as the borders have only just closed.

People are complaining, people have lost jobs. Off season has come unexpectedly with a giant slap in the face. It is hard now, it will be harder over the next few months. But we will all survive if help each other. This includes following government guidelines and being considerate of those who it may effect more. Small Businesses like ours are going to take a huge hit, but we will fight and try to look after our own who are here with us. We are a scuba family and it is the tough times like this that make families closer.

Family time during coronavirus

Pura Vida

I am in the land of “pura vida” and generally everyones reactions have been pretty laid back. It is being taken seriously but without too much of a panic. I walk most mornings with my dog along the waterfront and am seeing less and less people, and listening to more and more birds and wildlife. There is less traffic on the road tho drown out the sound of nature that I so love here. Have I stocked up, A couple of things maybe but no, I have not bought 100 rolls of toilet paper or half a ton of rice and beans. I have a papaya tree in my garden and a garden hose and shovel if the worst comes to the worst. I think the hardest thing would be convincing my husband to eat Papaya but who knows in desperate situations. We will cope.

We don’t want to the world to stop. We spend most of our days running around like a headless chicken, and right now it is the time to stop and “smell the roses”. Don’t panic that you will run out of things to watch on netflix, pick up a book instead. I am looking for some online courses to study too and there are always things to learn. I have seen some great online learning activities pop up for kids.

Family time

Spend time with your family if you are isolated with them. Use the time wisely. We always complain that we don’t have enough time, well, now we do. Family time could be big here, be creative, games, reading, use your imagination. Be thankful for who and what you have in your life and support each other.

Am I upset about it. Too right. My family is unable to visit me right now and have had to cancel their trip. I don’t know when I’ll get to see them as they are thousand of miles away. But I have WhatsApp so I can video chat. Its not a hug I know but it is better than a phone call right?

During this time or uncertainty, I sum up with this. Stay safe and be considerate. Don’t panic and be sensible. The world will keep spinning and we will move forward. I hope you all stay as safe as possible and listen to the advice that is put to you.