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So you have your A level results. The could be everything you had hoped for, or they might not be. Do not despair. Life is not so set in stone anymore, and if you were thinking it was, then maybe you need to take a break and do something different. A gap year or year out could be on the cards. So what will you do?

When you are in school there is so much focus on your grades. Whether it is your GCSE or A levels and the pressure is immense. I remember with mine, my predictions weren’t exactly glowing so I decided to defer my entrance for a year. Some people, choose to do that, some, upon receiving less than they had hoped for, have no choice but to defer.

First up, please don’t get down. Everything, in my book, happens to put you on a different path for a reason. Maybe it’s telling you that you need to get out into the world and explore? I certainly did. I went back to University after a gap year and it was definitely the right thing for me. But it implanted a seed to travel so after University, off I set again.

A couple of my instructors had come to me after their A levels. It wasn’t their original plan but things went didn’t go as planned on their results so they looked at alternative options. Becoming a scuba instructor is definitely an option. It’s a professional career!

So, here I have outlined what I think are some valid reasons for looking at taking a year out, or a break between heading to University and becoming a scuba instructor. Or, if need be it can be more than a year, and the start of an alternative path into your dream job.

Professional Career

Becoming a scuba diving instructor is a professional career. It may not be something that springs into your mind initially. As a scuba instructor you take responsibility for others. You are a teacher. You “teach” people to scuba dive. This may not be your first thought of a teacher but there you go, maybe your maths professor or someone comes to mind. Teaching underwater though. Not a bad place to have your classroom. It is a serious profession though and should be taken as such. Did you know that in some places it even translates to college credit or a National teaching certification.

Life lessons and skills

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Becoming a scuba instructor isn’t just about skills to teach. You learn many other important life skills as well. A good instructor is a people person. You will be working with people. transforming fear to excitement, apprehension to joy. You will be opening their eyes to an amazing world and working them through fear. What awesome life skill is that? And this is something that will help you in whatever field you choose to go into in the future. You may also learn organization, team work, independency, equipment maintenance amongst other things, which after studying super hard for your A levels, are great things to focus on. Pick a IDC program that gives you true career skills that can also be translated into other professions.

See the world whilst you can

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Whilst some people embrace the nomadic life fully, and expect to do so for many future years, many people haven’t thought about it. They have a life plan, whether it’s school A Levels, university, the job or something similar. The moment part of the plan doesn’t click into place it’s panic. Think of this as an opportunity instead. You can explore the world. With the sad reality of Climate change and the over use of our natural resources, the beauty of our planet is rapidly disappearing. Many of us are doing everything we can to slow this down but it if you wait, you may not get to see many of the beauties that this planet offers. Maybe now is the time to start traveling and taking it all in whilst you can. Becoming a scuba instructor is a way of being able to see it and fund yourself whilst doing so.

Alternative route to your dream

Did you have a University course that you were hoping to get into? Maybe you don’t actually know. By getting out there and exploring, becoming a scuba instructor, meeting new people and taking responsibility you can gain a true focus on what you want. With these invaluable skills it may be that it will give you the chance to take that elusive career path a couple of years down the road. At that point, you may be a more rounded applicant rather than a fresh out of school A level student.

As the sunscreen song says – Do something that scares you everyday.

Have you ever actually listened to this song? If not, you should. It offers some very poignant thoughts and should be listened too. Close your eyes, listen and do that thing that scares you. Heading off around the world to scuba dive for a year or two is certainly that. Do you know how many people in my life have asked me “how do you do it?”. You buy a ticket, take a leap and go. Trust me when I say you’ll feel better for it.

Make a difference

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It’s not just about becoming a scuba instructor and teaching diving. With this profession, whether you plan for a gap year between university and A levels or as a career break. With this you can do more than teach scuba diving. You can really make a difference and teach people about the ocean. You are a natural ambassador for the underwater world and you don’t need to be a marine conservationist to do this. With so many programs out there to choose from you can go one step further pick one with non-profit work or additional marine conservation sections. Use your break wisely and make a difference!

So, if you are looking at doing something daring and different with your next year. And want to head out to Central America. Come join me in either Costa Rica or Panama and we can change your life!