It’s funny. I am behind writing this blog post. Doesn’t usually happen but with so many things having happened this year I guess this has fallen by the wayside. Shouldn’t happen though I know. To say this year has been a rollercoaster would be a clear understatement both emotionally and physically. Now, back in Costa Rica, at home, I can breathe just a tiny bit.  The countdown now begins for the arrival of the new member of the family.

escape underwater

Multi roles as ever, at home with the family, at work in the scuba industry. Out there trying to prove like so many women around the world that yes, you can make a career out of scuba, you can travel and you can have a family. The scuba industry is a challenge in itself without the additional addons of being female. 

I love it though, as ever, you rise to the challenge and look around at what you have. Appreciate it and count your blessings. I am always feeling inspired by other fun blogs I read and see on the internet showing other people also living their dreams. 

Upcoming PADI IDC with an extra marine conservation twist!

The end of this week begins with a exciting new class of PADI instructor candidates, eagerly chomping at the bit to step into the professional scuba realms of teaching. One of my favorite things completely, teaching instructors. This will be the first PADI IDC as well that I am putting even more focus on marine conservation. With our marine conservation program ever expanding it is exciting and necessary to incorporate this into the PADI Instructor program. This will be my first trial run on this one and then, after my leave during January and February, I will be back to incorporate it into the April IDC. 

One of the important aspects is how new instructors can incorporate marine conservation into all of their teachings. Whether it is looking at marine plastics, life on the reef, or day to day changes that students can make. We have to instill these important lessons from the moment they start out into the water. 

inspire others

By teaching the new instructors these points and giving them some additional tools to enable them to do that, we are passing on the torch which is a great thing. Rather then sitting on social media and just commenting on every little thing they see, they are inciting change. Every person that you inspire is a step forward. 

So as I step forward this week, with a group of nervous, yet excited PADI divemasters, I will endeavor to mold conscious, thoughtful and good instructors, ready to go out there and pass on their message.  I promise to try and do a better job of staying updated and keep you posted on how it goes as well!

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