Womens dive day is here

womens divers costa ricaAnother womens dive day arrives, number 4 I think. We have an awesome group of scuba divers out today including both men and women on the boat enjoying the day. It is not just about the empowering women to dive it is encouraging them. Scuba diving, whilst heading towards a more equal base, at this moment is still very much a male orientated sport. With supposedly over 80% of scuba divers around the world being male, it is great to have an event specifically catered to women.

Supported in a dive world

I am very lucky in that I work in an environment where I am supported tremendously both on a professional and personal level. Having worked with the same dive shop for 11 years now you can say that we know each other pretty well by now.  I do have some hair brained schemes now and again but in general they are supported which is great. Hey, you have to try right!

Encounters as a female dive professional

I hear various tales of women’s encounters or issues in the dive industry. I can personally say I haven’t really had any major ones. Early on in my career I had a couple of eye rolling incidents and “let me talk to the instructor” type cases. I was the one in charge but I also think that was to do with age as well.  Seeing a young female instructor explaining what to do when you yourself have been diving “long before they were born” could cause you to doubt, I see that. But, I always played in my mind, just show them with your actions. And invariably after a briefing and into the dive, i had won them over. I didn’t have to be bossy, I didn’t have to snap back. It’s about being a professional. And I think that is what goes in many situations.

Advice given

I got asked for some advice recently for budding dive professionals and that is exactly what I said. For ever be the professional. Nothing else is as important as being a safety conscious professional when scuba diving.

A strong female team

Recently I finished teaching a PADI instructor program here in Costa Rica and I am happy to say it was mostly female. The more exciting thing about it was the fact that all of the ladies in the program were very strong. This is not the “physical” type of strong we are talking about here. This is strong in dive skills, mentally focused on the task at hand and driven. It was an absolute pleasure to teach them all, each with their strong and weaker points that were different. As they have already proved they are fantastic instructors and have hit the ground running, with the month of July very much being our conservation month. They have been running marine conservation programs, ocean clean ups and teaching about whale and marine creature behaviour.

Inspire more

That sort of thing fills me with more inspiration and drives me even more to keep teaching and trying to inspire even more future female dive professionals. Each one is an inspiration in themselves, and as we build our numbers of women scuba divers, they will continue to inspire both men and women alike.