Stop being a muppetSometimes, I feel like I am surrounded by muppets. Literally. This is where my frustration comes from. A collective group of beings that cannot do what they are supposed to. Actually, thinking about it, that may be a bit derogative to muppets. According to the last tv series, they can run a tv studio. Maybe I need to look for a new word.

Venting frustrations

This is just me venting my frustration as ever. I find, as I always have done, it easier to do this either underwater or by writing them down. With a busy dive shop, there is a whole plethora of characters involved. The idea behind having instructors teaching, is that they can take a class. They can run it certify etc which in general, they can do with an amazing attitude and enthusiasm. Then you get those days. It may be that they are looking for some course paperwork that they can’t find. No, wait. It’s exactly where it was supposed to be.  I inwardly sigh.  It makes me start to doubt what I did. Did I not teach that? No, I am pretty sure I went through that during instruction. It juts needs to be spoon fed.

Spoon feeding is not an option here. You are an adult. Also, don’t make a mountain out of a molehill people. Before you react, take a deep breath in…..then out. See, not a biggie. Everything is okay.

Find some Pura Vida

Tensions run high when everyone is busy. Scuba is an amazing, enjoyable sport, where you can relax under the water. I think sometimes you just need to remember that. With many instructors in the scuba industry they get so overwhelmed with teaching. You forget exactly why they are doing this. Not for the money, people (though that would be nice!). It is for the love of the ocean. Passionate people make phenomenal instructors. They pass that passion onto their students. If we don’t continue to pass that passion on there will be an empty ocean soon.

See. There is a bigger picture here are more things to worry about. So, stop being a muppet. Relax and blow bubbles underwater and remember just how lucky you are to be able to do that.

Vent over : )