Platinum course director costa ricaMade it!

I made it! It is official, I managed to get my Platinum course director status. I am so buzzed right now it’s hilarious. Not just from this mind you. The past couple of days have been crazy and even more exciting things happening. A couple of which  I can’t announce officially just yet….And no, I am not pregnant for those of you that know me well ; )

Platinum status is a rating awarded by PADI for course directors that have certified a certain amount of students. Not just with Divemaster programs but across the board with various professional level certifications. For me, it is an achievement as teaching professional scuba programs. It is one of my main passions in life and since I became a mum almost two years ago (to an actual human being not just a “mother hen” for the students ; ) )it has been very much a juggling act.

I am lucky enough to have fantastic support from many sides including my family here in Costa Rica and in England. Thank you also to a great team of instructors and crew here at Oceans Unlimited and Go Pro Costa Rica. As ever I am continually inspired by both them and all of the fantastic students who have walked through our doors.

PADI IDC class costa ricaFinding inspiration

With my current awesome PADI IDC class, I try to give us much as I can as always. It inspires me to do more, when I see how much they are determined and driven as well. All classes are great, but sometimes, you have that group that really come together as a team. They provide each other and you, with additional inspiration. My group right now is definitely one of them.

Maybe it is being so amazingly passionate about the underwater world. Maybe it is overcoming extraordinary hurdles in their own life, that you cannot even fathom on a personal level. They move forward with their determination to bring that passion to a whole new generation of underwater explorers. It makes you want to be any even better instructor and very much reminds you of why you are doing what you are doing. Kudos to you guys, it has been a pleasure to teach you all.

Right now they are sitting on the boat in the ocean. Working on their open water presentations. I am already looking towards the next challenge. This week, we’ll be working on our marine conservation and research program as instructors. Completing our surveys and trying to do what we can with citizen science projects to contribute to the oceans conservation. Having just received the REEF conservation partner rating at the center, it only is an affirmation of the difference we are making.

I know that they are doing great as are all the students out there and I wish them all the best. Thank you again to you guys and all of my former students around the globe. Keep doing what you’re doing and I will keep looking for new ways to try and raise the bar here in Costa Rica.