Merry Christmas everyone!! (or happy holidays, whatever floats your boat!)

flounder on my awesome dives!I had two amazing dives yesterday. Yes they were awesome, blue water, minimum dive time 60 minutes and diving with people that I don’t have to worry about. Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching but I needed that. Only downside, my swiss cheese brain managed to place my camera down and not pick it up again so I was on the boat with beautiful conditions and the no way of recording it. It is etched in my memory so that is all that is important right? Two days previous I had some other amazing dives when I got to take out the adaptive teaching class. First one in the country I think of the new PADI Adaptive teaching program which was exciting. My amazing friend Ernst has already been teaching a bunch in the north of the country through Deptherapy and others but this is the first PADI one.

Two turtles yesterday, yes two! A lovely big green and adaptive teaching coursea itty bitty hawksbill were our visitors. With the ocean being gorgeous chill ad blue we were able to visit Canyon reef for our second dive, getting right up in the canyons and the shallows, checking out the schools or surgeon fish and snappers, again etched firmly in my memory. On the adaptive course the other day we also got to explore some of the lesser used sites which was nice and it was very much a challenge for our instructors and divers alike. I had to ask two of our divemasters in training to play the role of paraplegic divers which is a challenge if you are used to using your legs, and then later on play the role of an amputee. It certainly opens your eyes to a new way of doing things. I was happy I could pass that knowledge on and even happier that we got to see some really cool underwater wildlife in the process!

This coming week is the craziest of the year and I am looking forward to it, yes really. After my fried turkey feast on the 24th I will take one day to chillax a tiny bit whilst eating even more, before launching into the crazy christmas week. With the water as it is I will do my best to see if I can sneek onto the boat at least once to blow some bubbles. I know my Divemaster class at the moment who have all been doing a great job would love to explore some more of the different sites and I am happy to take them out to do so. I must remember my camera though, as in place it down and remember where the ^&*())_$%&^& I put it. It is much easier said than done I just have to try and focus my putty brain.

With so much going on it is very easy to get distracted. Saying that, I am currently procrastinating from fixing a bunch of scuba equipment so all I can say is Merry Christmas to you all and if I don’t feel the need to rant before new years eve, a happy new year!!

Onwards to my regulators and tanks waiting downstairs X D