thinking underwaterIt’s PADI instructor exam time again! The PADI instructor course went fantastic, some fun training and learning experiences, fun strange fact I learnt on this one, green apples have more caffeine than a cup of coffee. Not scuba related I know but still interesting right?!
I love learning something new with every program I teach whether it is a dive pro course, technical course, or a conservation program. With every student you teach and work with you are not just teaching them, they are also teaching you something even though you may not realize it at the time. Whether it’s patience, relaxing, a new way of looking at something there is always a lesson you take away from every class.
I read a book, a fews years ago called The Surfer, the Saint and the CEO. It was a book that very much gave me a new outlook on life and caused me to look at challenges that arise in life in a different way. One of the things it talked about that made me think, was that life teaches you in it’s own way. Every time you are faced with a challenge you deal with it in a certain manner. If you do not deal with it as life feels you should, you will be faced with the same challenge again and again continually until you change the way you deal with it for the better. For example, if you have no patience, then you will continually be faced with people or situations that test that, until you learn to exercise patience. Now, this might not be true, I always take everything with a pinch of salt bit it definitely gave me pause for thought. If I am faced with a challenge, which I always embrace, I take a moment and think, what is life maybe trying to teach me from this?

Now, back to what I was mentioning earlier re. learning something new from every class. Maybe it is something as simple as a new way of doing a skill, there are many ways out there believe me, but if it is someone or something that you are finding challenging, maybe they are teaching you a new outlook on what you are doing. There are certain personalities out there that can be a challenge and you find yourself taking a deep breath, so stop and pause for a moment, and think about how this experience is not only about  helping them, it is in some way growing you as a person too.

Okay, so my philosophical thoughts over for this moment and back to the mission at hand. The PADI instructor exam. My current pro students are a fun, mixed bunch and they are certainly teaching me some news things, including in particular one of the instructor candidates who is so very passionate about what she is doing, and as an 18 year old it is very inspiring. Certainly gives you some food for thought and a kick up the butt to keep following your passions and dreams!

Happy bubbling!!


Scubabunny x