PADI-Swim-e1430926367191Having got away from Quepos for a couple of days it is nice to get out and explore the country. It is so easy to become caught up in your circle of living and to stick your head outside is a breath of fresh air. In this case I headed north to learn. yep, calm geeky, one of my favorite things in the world. To learn something new. The objective for this year, PADI swim school with a good friend of mine in Guanacaste and his school Connectocean.

And before there are any comments, yes I do clearly know how to swim , this is about becoming a swim instructor. There are some occasions believe it or not, when I have been approached by students who want to learn to scuba dive accompanied by the strange question, “but do iI need to know how to swim?” .

I will be honest I used to inwardly sign when I hear this as it seemed an obvious collaboration, swimming and scuba diving but apparently for many people it is not, as the assumption is that the equipment will do the swimming part for you (no really!) Bravo for those overcoming a fear of water by scuba diving but in general yes, you need to know how to swim. The techniques for physically teaching something are as ever the same, but to breakdown a swim stroke, compared to scuba diving is definitely different as I have already learned within the first hour of the class!

Part one swim test, and here was me thinking I was fit! Swimming is a different level of fitness, especially if you are working correctly on your strokes and technique. The aching had already kicked in after one hour session and that is one the cards for everyday!

My main reasoning for completing this course originally is so that I can continue working on my daughters love of the water, and help develop a strong and comfortable swimmer. I want to share my love of the water and feel that living and working as I do it would only be logical for her to move into the mermaid business (yes I am using you as her role model mermaid Linden!).

Shadowing our first group of lessons yesterday was fun and I feel that I have already picked up so much which is always and inspiration and motivates me to learn more.

On that note, classes begin in an hour so I am off to get wet again and maybe someone can finally help me on my inability and fear of tumble turns, (thank you mean Russian instructor who scarred me when I was 10!) At this point with all of the underwater time I have, water up my nose does not bother me in the slightest but spinning around and facing the right direction may be a challenge!