It’s already February, can’t believe it, it has gone by so quickly, wonderful diving and some great classes.

I started teaching a PADI IDC on Sunday with the orientation. The PADI instructor program can be super stressful for everyone and my goal as ever is to try to keep it as chill as possible. Classes, fun and plenty of time to relax between workshops and diving. It seems to work as everyone whilst working hard towards becoming an instructor has time to unwind.
Heading into day 3 today and is all about presentations and exams with everyone preparing their first classroom presentations and then heading into the pool for some more confined water fun. The video above was from our first day in the pool, plenty of skill circuit practice and rescue review.

Earlier in the month I headed out teaching my first technical dive program since I had been pregnant. Looking forward to it for sure and I had some fantastic students who were very studious and prepped for anything. The best part, they are coming back for Tec 45 program starting at the end of this week. I will keep you posted. In the interim, here is some snippets from the recent Tec 40 course…

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