padi idc pool trainingSo you have finally signed up for your PADI IDC scuba instructor program and the nerves are starting to kick in. Duh, duh duuuuhhhhh!!! Yes, it is nerve wracking to be thinking about your PADI scuba instructor program, it is a big step especially with the exams at the end, knowing you will be adjudicated by a stranger at the end of it all as well. Sorry, I’m really not making things any better I know so I thought I would offer some advice to get you started with your preparation process.

One of the most common sources of anxiety during a PADI IDC is dive theory exams. Now, you need to remember that you are supposed to be good on your theory before the program starts. The majority of the IDC program focuses on standards and how to break down programs. Basically how to teach, not dive theory. So, as far in advance as you can (that you will remember it) you need to start looking at your the diving knowledge workbook. Go through your physics, physiology, equipment, general dive skills and the RDP. If you come up againest something you can’t quite get your head around, Stop, breathe and move onto the next thing. Come back to it later, ask someone, another student, an instructor. That’s what they are there for. Don’t panic, scream and throw the book out the window (yes, I’ve seen it done.) A good thing is to pick an IDC program that has a prep program that covers dive theory, gives you a head start.

Before a PADI IDC you want to get back in the water and get comfortable with your general diving skills. Again, this is something that is part of the Divemaster course. Early on, you will get assessed on your skill circuit. This is exactly the same as the skill circuit from your Divemaster program so it stands to reason that if you have some great skill scores on your Divemaster, you will not need to work on much for your scuba instructor program. Please do remember, that there is no one correct way to do something. As long as the skill is achieved, for example free flow regulator and the performance requirement is met, great, all good. I do not suggest, changing the way you are comfortable doing something coming into a program like the PADI IDC. Don’t add additional stress to yourself, not fun!

So we have looked at our theory, and looked at our dive skills what now? Most important part, take a couple of days off and go and relax! If you are in and around the dive shop all the time, step away, have a relaxing cocktail and breathe. Get ready for one of the most fun, important learning experiences of your life on the way to becoming a scuba instructor!