DSC_0059The dive season here in Costa Rica has begun and it’s great to be back. After a hiatus to sunny old England (I am not being sarcastic this time it really was lovely!) I am back in Costa Rica ready to teach again, with some eager new interns ready to get underway with their training and start down the road to becoming a scuba dive professional.

With the current political atmosphere in various parts of the world I think it is the perfect time to escape to Costa Rica and scuba dive don’t you think? Especially as we have in place a generalized ban on discussions of political and religious basis. Now whilst I have utmost respect for all peoples opinions, my priority is to scuba dive and train and after seeing how heated people can get, it is a big distraction from what we are hear to do and enjoy so therefore the ban.  So, you see, a perfect escape!

I have to admit, I always like to follow what it going on in the world and at this current time, am very happy to be exactly where I am and watch things play out from a distance ; )

For the diving here, water has been cold, and as the chicken I am when it comes to water temps, it is especially so. This is more of an issue for me right now as I am still desperately trying to shift the baby weight to squeeze back into my thicker wetsuits. So, currently, each dive trip starts with a 20 minute bounce around on the boat, trying to not so eloquently squeeze various angles of me into said neoprene. It is then followed by the wincing of seeing my lovely neoprene suit stretched a little bit more in places it maybe shouldn’t be. I cannot get out of it during the surface interval as it would then involve squeezing back into it, so no. I refuse to buy a new suit as it would mean I am admitting to myself that I may not be able to shift the weight which I will not do. I will not back down I will keep fighting!!! I have to add, that my self-esteem on this matter is not helped by various pictures of other scuba pros in super slim wetsuits performing yoga poses on the deck of boats. Blonde locks flowing in paradise with their size 2 mini bodies and perfect boobs. “Sigh” I will get there , whilst kidding myself that I actually used to even be that size haha! At least I have the boobs!

My diving weight has not gone up I have found, but maybe that is a result of me exhaling extensively trying to get down. I will keep that illusion up. The important thing is that I am happy, which I am. I have an amazing family, a great job and live in an incredible place whose motto is “pure life”. How many people on this planet can actually say that? I am determined to make this season even better than the others, driven in so many ways (not just the stretchy neoprene) and on a mission to make a difference, not just in my life, but in others and to our beautiful ocean!

Who knows, maybe I’ll make a difference in yours!