eagleray in costa rica

So here we go, new year new start, I have a feeling that 2016 will be a great year. A good start to the new year is that we have moved to our new location in the marina. What does this mean for Go Pro ? A full air conditioned classroom AND an extended equipment area, so bring on the equipment maintenance and service classes. With the new addition of tank visual inspection classes  we have plenty of room to hold classes in the equipment area, it is cool and breezy and bright giving everyone enrolled on any of the internships a chance to learn important skills to learn for working in the dive industry.
Over the Christmas period we have been busy, busy, busy and with a very small lull right now before our new group of Divemasters start to arrive. February is looking like it will be a fun month with classes and courses for all levels, our next IDC program starting on February 8th and then some open waters and specialties coming in as well.
Exciting news for our intrepid Eco-Divemasters. We are completely beefing up our Eco-Divemaster program so now, you will actually officially train to become a research diver. We have a great new course that has been developed by one of our instructors the “Marine conservation research diver” during which you can learn techniques to perform underwater surveys, fish counts and reef relief surveys. If you are looking at working in the conservation world especially with research, this will certainly help you in that direction. Along with the REEF surveys and coral watches, underwater clean ups and more that we already do, this is a great expansion to our programs.

Along with the opportunity to dive at Cocos and complete research, 2016 is going to be a great year to strive ahead and make a difference in a beautiful oceans.