In December of 2003, I left England to work my “dream job” saving sea turtles on a beach, with the idea being I would travel to Roatan for 4 weeks, before I began work, to complete my Divemaster certification. Now whilst I am now living in Costa Rica, my plans never quite stuck and after a roundabout route, including a few months in Florida, I have never looked back. As always, the three “untruths” of the bay islands are “I love you”, “This is my last drink” and “I am leaving tomorrow”. The last one certainly applied to me and after my 4 weeks turned into almost two years, I still hold an affinity with the island of Roatan. I think one of the biggest reasons for this is the amazing friends I made and still, to this day keep in contact with. Costa Rica for me though, is my incredible home. With the rain forests, scuba, surf all combined I know this will be my home for the foreseeable future. 
My trip this time to Honduras was, as I mentioned previously for some fun technical training and for the final part I decided to return to Roatan for a visit, and catch up with old friends. It has been about 3 years since I was here last and I think this time, it has seen the biggest change. West End has seriously developed with a road, and so many more, restaurants and dive shops. The road I actually quite like but the sheer amount of dive shops made me giggle a bit. I think there are more dive shops that bars, whereas Utila is the other way around, but then it does have more of a party vibe! Cayos Cochinos, which are a couple of small islands to the south west of Roatan, have incredible diving and I actually got to dive them this time. A rare treat. The only other diving I did on Roatan was the point of the island which to me has always been the best. Pablos place, leading onto Texas. Big barrel sponges, black corals, plenty of fish. It was a fun dive as I was with my alma mater, Native Sons which, if you want some fantastic diving when you are on Roatan, and want to explore some different places, these are definitely the guys to go to! After a 65 minute dive, of just chillaxin’ it was time to come up. No, big spots but plenty of life. Second dive was to fish den, where I do remember toadfish all of the time but alas, couldn’t find any this time, maybe they were hiding from me! The “Vomit Comet” that is the ferry between the islands and the mainland has certainly improved, or at least the Roatan one has, and coming back the ride was smooth and surprisingly quick. As I wait to board the plane back to Costa Rica, I am looking forward to going home to the rainforest. We have some fun stuff coming up at the centre included once again expanding…..yes really!! Both the physical location and the curriculum. Keep posted for some fun news soon!!! And, only 2 weeks until the start of the next IDC………I have to start preparing for that one!

Happy Bubbling!!