trimix diving costa rica

Penultimate day of the trimix course today and a dive to 240ft (72m). I smile at the end as I hit the surface and even though I am obviously enjoying the experience, you wouldn’t necessarily guess it from the sheer seriousness and concentration from both myself and my instructor CJ throughout the whole process. It is an incredible thing to be able to explore those depths of the ocean, we are merely touching on the surface, but it is not something to be taken lightly. I know with everything that I am learning here it will add something more to my Tec Deep classes in Costa Rica. The popularity of technical diving is growing and with that I want to be determined that everyone who goes through our programs at Goprocostarica gets the best and most comprehensive training they can. I have to say today was fun dive, staring up at a wall rising above you from over 70m below the surface is something few people will ever get to do. Back on the boat, one of the other divers asked what cool stuff we saw and it took me a moment to even think of anything, being so focused on run time and decompression plan, I barely noticed fish to be honest. I think “fish” was my answer and which I have to say they seemed somewhat unimpressed “SIGH”. Ah well, sometimes that isn’t the main focus, especially at this level! Tomorrow back into the depths for the last dive. Maybe this time I’ll spot something extra cool…..bring on the nudibranchs!!!