Travelling again, I pick up a backpack, think how much I miss it….then…. after lugging it around for a day thinking I should’ve packed lighter…”sigh”. I got to explore places that were way cooler today though, down 140ft on a wall AND I got to see a parrot fish!………. For those of you that know me, yes sarcasm is rife here.  No, but the dive was fun, a nice straightforward deco dive off of a wall. Best part was hanging out with a stingray who was snuffling around the sand. He must’ve been hungry because he seemed to be snuffling with a serious mission. It’s that time of year when I switch roles and play student, this time expanding my technical diving, as we hope to do in Costa Rica in a year or 2. After lots of emails and investigation I picked my place to learn and I have to add, have a very cool instructor. Apart from the fact it’s fab to be diving with another female technical instructor, yes I am a bit sexist I will admit, but you know what, it’s coz there aren’t many of us!!! She’s very knowledgable, and a brit so cups of tea are a given.
After some academics to start, it was basic skills in the water yesterday including the usual remove and replace deco bottles, but this time 4. The funniest moment was during the drill with no mask, when I reached up to clear my mask, and not until my hand touched my forehead did I remember that my mask wasn’t actually on.whoops. Today was the first deco dive down to 140ft. Went very smoothly, it was nice to be back in the Caribbean I’ll admit, viz is great, but not too much reef life. That’s not what I’m here for though to be honest, it’s for the training and that part of it was great.  Good dive and then some omitted decompression drill to get the noggin working. Even played around with some lost gas drills. Not that “playing around” is really the optimal word for that, but practicing maybe. So this type of diving, trimix, is the next level of technical diving for me, opening up new depths and the chance to explore some new sites in Costa Rica. It’s very serious stuff and for me, I love pushing my limits just a little each year. Last year it was adaptive teaching and this year it is trimix diving. It is a very serious course, saying that, any technical diving obviously is, but with trimix, your buffer for error is even smaller especially at the deeper depths that we will be going to later this week.  I’ll let you know what funny green monsters I find down there. Mission for me….find some cool critters.