So onwards to Wichita, Kansas. I am lucky enough to have visited some different parts of the states over the years and the mid west is certainly one I have yet to come to.  I think, flat is one of the words I am going to use to describe it at first.

kansas pig races wichita scuba diving

Home of the BBQ maybe, and I definitely have to be careful as my tour guide here is a bit of a food connoisseur so being taken to all of the nice restaurants will  not bode well for my waistline! Anyway, so day 1 here and I find out that just nearby is the kansas state fair. Never been to a state fair before so worth a peek. Foody heaven again, didn’t know there was such a thing as chocolate covered bacon and fried everything!!!!! Highlight, was a complete sculpture of a horse and cart made completely of BUTTER!!! oooo and the pig races….that was something different.
But, back to the important things… why am i here?! I am here, in land locked Kansas to teach a PADI scuba instructor course. So far away from the coast there is still plenty of options to dive and why not ? with such hot summers it is better that you are in the water I would think. adventure sports kansas which is based in Wichita, who have just started an instructor development program. I have been lucky enough to be invited to run their first program which is always exciting, when starting something new. I am hoping as they are, that this will be the first of many and we can then start to run regular scuba instructor programs here in wichita, maybe about 3 programs a year. With plenty of people here to learn  in the surrounding the area, it is now part of my mission to spread the scuba word!

adventure sports kansas

So this is part one of my scuba push. I am sure we have some budding instructors out there, some people that want to get away and maybe escape underwater ? Come on….you know you’re out there and I am here in Wichita right now to open some doors and get you bubbling!!! As I mentioned previously this will be the first of many so if you are looking to change your life…..Lets go!