ninja divemaster internship

So this whole blog was initially set up as my personal soapbox if you will. As I moved up the scuba ladder my musings and thoughts obviously changed tack somewhat but i hope at least they provide amusement to some of you still. This particular chapter is entitles “oh god where do i start ?!!” With what i hear you cry? I am currently as part of my many jackets trying to revamp my websites, social media efforts etc and what started out as a seemingly small task (was I that nieve ?) just seems to keep growing and growing. I am not moaning in case you are wondering, I am undoubtedly trying to live my life as a positive person, especially since a couple of pretty amazing life events over the past couple of years. I see it as a challenge that I will conquer, just maybe in small chunks. I attack this rather like a bull in a china shop so have now sat back and am trying to divide my project up into manageable chunks.  Question is where to start…do i throw myself full force ninja style at one of these projects or nibble of bits of each kinda like a rabbit?
You know what, writing it like that makes me definitely feel more ninja like, I just have to plan my kung fu moves better. (BTW don’t you think there should be a “ninja” divemaster option ? noting down that right now and if I catch that on anyone elses site I will hunt you down with nunchuks and whoop ur arse!
I digress.
I had a smarty pants idea a year or 2 ago to get one of my awesome divemaster and instructor trainees to come in and help me in exchange courses. It worked out very well and she definitely got us back on track with some of our abandoned projects, like getting us back on track with project AWARE programs. If there is only one of you it really is quite tricky to keep track of everything, time management is key and I will admit I am crap at it. Hoping the addition of a home office will inspire me to be better at it (LOL)
I think the 2013/2014 season will call for me to look for a couple more inspired students to help me out with some of our efforts in exchange for courses. Anyone out there interested?
OK, so Whilst writing this I am brainstorming on my board here at home, I think I have a start point.
Onwards and upwards….. Ninja divemasters here we come!
Keep an eye out as I slowly revamp everything…I will keep you all posted : )