Even though the title has nothing really to do with this particular rant, it is merely coincidental with the date so my apologies if you thought this would be about may poles and men with Bells on their ankles (the brits get it ; ) ) but it is not. I am just once again summing up my current thoughts and processes as they wheedle their way out of my head. That’s what a blog is right ? So After a wonderfully successful April IDC, good job guys!!! we have slowed our way down to a steady lull as everyone disappears back home after easter fun. May always tends to be a quieter month, before we build up with the summer vacationers. As always I am receiving some fun emails from what I hope will be some future ” Go Pro ers” but….and here is the big but….I am getting what seems to be an increasing number of enquiries for “FREE” courses. Now this is a topic I have seen addressed many times on fun debate places like scubaboard and diving jobs. Now whilst I offer an exchange for the divemaster program, and bear in mind that is only a discount if someone helps out (I like to say help out as let’s face it, going diving in the morning and then leaving around 2pm to go surf isn’t too much like hard work!) I don’t offer free courses. I understand if someone is already a professional, as in a divemaster (or in training ) or instructor looking to further their education, I can easily help with that, but to offer a work exchange for someone that isn’t qualified yet is not something I will ever do. I have even had the odd email saying the course for free plus room and lodging! So in other words I would be paying someone as they train to become a scuba diver?! My thoughts are that you wouldn’t ask the same for any other professional type training ? So why scuba? It is a professional profession (albeit a very fun one!) that we as scuba professionals and instructor trainers have dedicated blood sweat and more to so why would I then give it away. The way I am thinking (IMHO) is that I value my training highly as I know what I have been through to get to this level, and I see the same in my fellow CDs and ITs around the globe, that I have the privilege of knowing and working with. It is a frustration I know, (you really want to see a rant check out scubaboard hehe!) but saying that, I still have the pleasure of working with a training a large number of students who certainly enjoy and appreciate their time here and for me, to see them turn into fantastic scuba professionals is an absolute joy.
Okay thoughts over…..what’s on the box ?!