So we have moved, it is a work in process but going steadily.  Our new location, within the Hotel Plinio, is nestled in the jungle. Why move from our fully operational, street front location ? Exactly that, it’s street front, and as the traffic has built up in Quepos, it makes the classroom environment not so conducive. With the new location, we are set back from the street,with a quiet classroom dedicated to pro level and technical dive teaching. We have an on-site pool that is available for use whenever any of the +Go Pro Costa Rica or +Oceans Unlimited  interns want to jump in and practice skills, as well as for all scuba classes, and with a depth of 9ft (2.5m) it can also be used for technical dive training ! Phew!!! So much new happening !! The building at this point is a nice white slate for me to start being creative on….bring on the paint! Now, as a not particularly artistic person, fish, may turn out to look like balloons, with heads, but at least we have puffer fish here so I can pass it off as one of those.

The excitement is building, and with the approaching April IDC, even more so, with all of the students excited about using the new class and pool. Less moving, more teaching and pool, ocean time! Check out some of the pics, and come visit! I will keep the updates rolling as we paint away.