So with hardly a breathing space between my last IDC and my next class, I am almost at an end to my current MSDT program. I have been lucky enough to teach some fellow instructors from the national university here in Costa Rica, which has been great fun, but definitely got my spanish back in full swing!!! We launched straight into it last week with some deep diving practice. Pony tanks and harnesses ahoy! The thermoclines have arrived here in Costa Rica so the temperature did drop a little, I was ready for it though, armed with my 5mm and booties!!! Objective: to look at changes in color pressure sensitive objects and timed tasks. Color check completed. Red disappears, check, blue looks crappy, ok, check. Move instructors, lets look at our sensitive objects….oh dear….in the sheer excitement of deep diving we have somehow ended up with a bag full of scrambled eggs, (it was supposed to be whole eggs that you then break and then gaze at in wonder as the float around as whole yolks in wonder!!) scrambled eggs as you can imagine, do’t really fulfil that purpose. Okay, so after the giggling through the regs subsided we moved onto object number 2, a wonderful neoprene globe that supposedly compresses (according to said owner!). Hmm no change in shape, it is blowing bubbles and clearly letting in water somewhere. Third time lucky….lets check out the balloon, oh….no….wait……you are supposed to blow it up at the surface right to see the difference ?! Ho Hum. A+ for amusement factor at least as the laughs coming through the regs made it worth it. Now onto our timed tasks…… how quickly can you put mr potato head together ? Yes, The real mr potato head, he likes to explore that much deeper and beyond!!! Tomorrow, the photography report….how many amusing shots can you take underwater!