Congratulations to all of our successful  +PADI Instructor candidates. January was a pretty hectic month for dive professionals here at +Go Pro Costa Rica and +Oceans Unlimited . With 2 divemaster interns finishing up at the beginning of the month, another 2 well on their way, and with 6 new instructors, I know I won’t be short of enthusiastic teachers in the near future. With many setting their goals higher, towards Master Scuba diver trainer already and Technical diving, it is going to be a fun packed season here.  Starting February 11th, a 2 week MSDT program is scheduled and then in March, we have a Tec instructor program. The Next PADI IDC begins in April, but with Divemaster programs running continuously, its the perfect time to come down and check out the beautiful waters of Costa Rica. With our internship programs you get the chance to gain experience, and really guide, work alongside other PADI pros, learning valuable lessons before you start your own training.

Ok, so more onto me. I love teaching, obviously, otherwise why would I be doing this. Everyone has something to learn, ALWAYS! and one thing that I know I really need to work on (don’t we all?) is my time management. It doesn’t matter how well I set something out in my head, I never have enough time to get everything done. One of my favorite sayings in the shop here is always, give me a couple more hours in the day and I’ll get it done. Now, this does not put me in the workaholic category by any means. I do work , A LOT, both from the office and from home, but a realization came to me a few years ago when I went through a particularly miserable patch. But miserable you say ? But you scuba dive? Why yes I do, which is why I had to take a step back and look for the fun again.  My life is not my work, you have to have a healthy balance right. That’s the tricky part, so with my supposed time management I am also trying to factor in the part, where I get to let off steam and go surf, walk my puppies on beaches and through the jungle, spend time with your friends and family, oh yes, and obviously work. A lot to balance I know and if I don’t stay focused it is very easy to lose sight of one or the other. January for me was a wonderful example of that. A few days into the instructor schedule and I had to take a step back and make sure my surfing and pooch time wasn’t completely lost. Cut back maybe for that few days but not lost. Really, though, who wants to deal with a hyperactive 11 month pitbull puppy? Sure fire encouragement to balance yourself right and take that time.
Why am I rambling about this, well, it’s my blog, I can write what I like haha! But, really, its more just a thought to put into your noggin, and have a look at your life. Are you enjoying yourself? If not why not? Maybe you need to time manage and organize a bit more, including prioritizing time for you as well as work. Pura Vida!!