It’s already 2013…Wow! I feel that 2012 shot by so quick I almost missed it. So, now therefore is the traditional time of year that you make your resolution for the new year…time to start thinking. This could be painful! So, are you the traditionalist, the “I will diet”, “I will stop drinking” , “I will be nicer “(maybe ?!) , or do you go for something more adventurous? Ok, so here’s some food for thought, lets go BIG! Do something life changing. I have 2 options (maybe I’ll think of a third when writing this!) for you to mull over.
So, number 1, change your life, live the dream. With the economy woes and more out there, isn’t it about time you came and lived by the beach, teach diving, travel the world. With the scuba internship programs for divemaster and instructor we have here at +Go Pro Costa Rica, we can help you with that resolution. it is possible to do with a good rounded instructor education and real time experience, which is why that is exactly what we offer. No matter, where you are, even just starting out as a scuba diver, maybe at Go Pro Costa Rica, we can help you tick that new years resolution off your list !
Number 2, now this is something I have tried to do every year for the past couple of years and have so far managed it, although not a diving one. Go somewhere new every year. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a big trip, for me in 2012 I got to visit California which, I have to add was amazing! Although i didn’t get to dive in San Diego, it gives me a reason to go back. So, let’s modify this just a tad and go for somewhere new to scuba dive each year. But, step outside the box of the caribbean (it all looks pretty similar once you have hit about 4 different places!) and go for some more adventurous diving here in Costa Rica. Want to go a little bit further for a bucket list trip maybe ? Hit a liveaboard and dive, dive, dive. As the only opportunity to night dive at Cano, the new 3 day liveaboard is definitely a great opportunity at adventure. With sharks, and rays, maybe new sights, and new adventures are on the list. Let’s up the challenge, Coco Island, 10 day liveaboard trip. Stretch the resolution bandwagon to a dive destination bucket list. With hundreds of hammerheads, whale sharks, rays and more, it is big fish heaven. Now that would be a way to fulfill a scuba resolution don’t you think ? The liveaboards are more accessible price wise now as well, so an amazing trip without breaking the bank….worth it I think!
Number 3….Still working on that, just stay positive, be happy, if you’re doing something and it doesn’t make you happy, stop doing it right ?! Life can be simplistic, if you want to make it that way.
Happy new year Bubblers !