I know I’ve been bad, I haven’t been blogging as much, shame on me, but do you have any idea how busy you can get out here??!!!! Again my apologies and I know I should not be making excuses.  So what’s been happening ? Well, I am at this moment sitting at an PADI Instructor Exam whilst my intrepid students are busy becoming instructors and divemasters. Awesome!! I have also had double duties these past few weeks, with the ever growing, ever expanding “Pandora” my little PADI puppy, I think I need to add to that ever chewing and ever pooping maybe? All good though and worth every piece of toilet paper I have to use to pick up after her!! This past Friday, we headed out to do some MSDT training and Divemaster specialty training. As a Tec instructor I like to add that little bit to any recreational deep classes, with some discussion of dive planning, safety, and equipment configuration. All good fun. The rains have reduced our visibility a bit but that only adds to the challenge. Everyone had a good time, especially with the simulated deco stop and navigating at depth. You REALLY have to trust your compass at that point. Especially with narcosis and reduced viz. As I always say to my students, slow and methodical. For our second dive, we did a search and recovery exercise, I suspect that our “missing diver” was removed from the dive shop on a previous date as the “chucky” doll as I referred to it, used to creep people out, especially with its flailing arms and staring eyes. I guess it’s time to invest in Quepos barbie to become our missing diver, armed with 4 matching accessories and high heels. ready for a trip to subway!!! We practiced our jack stay search patterns, knots and lift bag techniques and all went great even with out “chucky”. Good days diving in all. For our divemaster candidates it’s a good chance to practice for their deep dive and search and recovery scenarios which are essential parts of the divemaster program. I have been adding the specialties recently as add-ons to the internship program which is proving popular, and also is a great stepping to stone to the master scuba diver certification, become a true dive ninja!
Ok, so back to this moment, confined water session down, on to the classroom. Please, please let the rain hold off!!!