After a great DEMA show its back to Costa Rica and even though have only been back for a week, it is the everlong adventure. First order of priority, get back in the water. With a temperature of around 82 F (about 29 C for you metric heads!!) at the surface you can easily see how easy it is to spend around 2 – 3 hours in the water just watching the world drift by. As yet I haven’t had the chance to venture under the water but this week with some open water referral classes coming in that will change. I also have some great new divemaster trainees coming in and with an IDC starting next weekend  it is going to be a running start to the new season. After a day of pretty much non-stop rain yesterday and a relatively grey looking day today I am hoping for sunshine tomorrow. With a pushy pitbull nudging my arm every 5 minutes though, he is not too concerned about the weather, only for the fact that he needs a walk NOW and the beach is calling. Come on sunshine, we need a “bright” class tomorrow!