So with rainy season well underway, (more specifically the “can never get my clothes dry season”) viz has dropped locally and Cano trips are not as frequent. However, there are still plenty of eager divers around to brave the fun packed waters of Manuel Antonio. I was lucky enough to have a young referral diver come to me this past week, only 11 yrs old and super excited to be finishing his open water certification. On the first dive he proved very quickly that he was definitely made to be a diver, with a great demonstration of buoyancy control, and considering the lower visibility and strong surge, fantastic confidence. Then I found his Kryptonite, the compass! but in all fairness, this does tend to be for many new divers a tricky task to conquer. After some practice we hit our bearing and started swimming, but wait…..4 metres in front of us a beautiful eagle ray was hangin out so obviously we had to stop and just hover there for a few moments to admire him. Now, back to the compass, what heading where we on?……. Ok, start over, start swimming and wait….who appears again! Appreciate it very much, once again watching and admiring but really?!! could you just wait a couple of minutes till we had finished?! Never the less, after another few minutes we finished of our compass work and continued on our dive. Definitely a fun part of the certification to remember!