So the past week, (or maybe month or 2?!) have been pretty hectic. We had a group of visiting travel agents who were in Manuel Antonio doing the most sensible thing really….Learning how to scuba dive. So, it was time for me to step out of the office and back into the water hoping all the while that I wasn’t going to melt! (just kidding…no….really!) As they were on a pretty tight schedule, checking out other parts of Manuel Antonio, kayaking in mangroves, booze cruising(one of the must sees?!) I had to keep the class moving, which with anything over 4 people does have its own sets of challenges sometimes. Anyway, first class sessions went on without a hitch and then it was into the pool the first morning. After a pretty long session we had managed to get through the first 3 confined sessions. There is a lot to cover for these, especially with buoyancy, emergency out of air skills and even just equipment set-up. After a break for lunch everyone headed off on a different tour, whilst I set about prepping for the open water the next morning. We are now into green season which means more rain and reduced visibility, therefor making supervision of divers a little trickier. Good practice for my new Divemaster in Training as he will need to keep a close watch on everyone!
So after a few nerves we got down in the first dive. A little bit of yo yo ing but altogether very good!  After the morning dives and a lunch break everyone headed back to the pool to finish off the confined and then finish the open water the following day. Having recently got over a cold I was dreading the Controlled ascents (lots of up, down and up again!) but everyone completed first time. After some very skilled coordination of the compass work we managed to complete everything and by the end of the morning, 6 Happy new open water divers! Goal achieved! Now back to the office for a few days, wonder what the next class will bring?!