Another beautiful day on the water, and this time I remembered to take my camera. As ever, you get to see the cool stuff when you don’t have the camera and when you are carrying it, well fantastic dives as ever, just waiting for that moment. First dive, we hit canyon reef, I love exploring around there. As my open water students are completing their skills I noticed a perfectly oval stone sitting amongst the coral. Its a decent size stone with perfectly rounded ends. The first one of these I had seen, was when Capt Bob had pulled one up before and got super excited, as he thinks, but we are not 100% sure that it could be a ballast stone from an old boat. Now low and behold, I find a second stone , in roughly the same place. Hmmmm, could it be a stone from an ancient ship??!! who knows, but’s its exciting to maybe have a bit of history.
Back on the boat, enjoying the sunshine before we head over to complete open water dive 4 and have 2 new certified divers! Michael, one of our open water instructors, who I have to add never ceases to entertain me, decided to work on his water entries, seeing as I had the camera. At least I managed to capture, one memorable moment on camera!
Please be aware, this is definitely NOT part of the open water course!