So, stamina test time again for the PADI Divemaster Internship class and instead of swimming back and forward around the pool I thought we’d take advantage of our beautiful surroundings and head to the beach. The parts we needed to fulfill today were the 800m snorkel and the 100 tired diver tow. Damien was very pleased with the outing as he got to leave his normal security post and play meet greet on the beach….Much more fun!!!! So just to make sure that everyone snorkeled the right distance we added an extra lap, just in case ; ) The final lap ended up heading towards a another beach on the other side of the bay which was great but on finishing, I can see the DMTs chilling out, not being so enthusiastic to make their way back to finish the tired diver tow!! Once back we set up and completed the tired diver tows over 100m which everyone put in a fast time which was good! Damien I think would have preferred a slower time as that meant more time to hang on the beach. Nice new classroom location!!