So, it may not be humpback whale season officially here in Costa Rica but they still like to show their heads (and fins) occasionally. Heading out to one of my favorite sights in the Manuel Antonio National Park Geos’ Ridge as we are entering the water we see a whale tail rise and dive into the deep. Nice! So we all enter the water, I was escorting some discover divers that morning on their first dive. As soon as our heads were underwater we could hear the whales and they were definitely chatting away!! Throughout the whole dive the whales were singing very loudly, and on surfacing our captain announced that they had passed about 100m nearby which is pretty close. I have still yet to see them whilst scuba diving underwater, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. It is a very surreal experience as it is a sound you are familiar with, having seen documentaries on Discovery channel and national geographic but still, when you hear it for the first time, it takes a moment to truly recognize what exactly you are listening to! After surfacing with my divers, and still having a fair amount of air in my tank I decided to go for a solo exploration and just “hang out”. I swam to the end of the deepest ridge and dropped down to around 18m. The background music was still loud and I just hovered there listening for about 20 minutes before making my way back up to the top of the reef and completing my safety stop. Definitely one of my coolest dive moments!