So in addition to my great time just relaxing and diving in Mexico I got to witness a pretty cool event. Free diving is not necessarily a sport that I personally have participated in but I find that fitness and discipline of the athletes amazing. I was never entirely clear on the different facets of free diving, being under the ignorant illusion that there was just with fins and without (sorry : ( ) but have since learned that not only is that but also static (just breath holding) dynamic (in a pool) no limits (sled) and so on. ON my first full day in Mexico I got to witness the ladies national record being broken in dynamic free diving. The athlete is a local lady called Estrella, is not only climbing the ladder of the free diving world but also has been making her impact in the conservation world by working closely with whale sharks, looking at DNA and tracking. What was particularly incredible about the national record attempt that morning was that along with the womens’ record, she also broke the mens’ record with a distance of 100m no fins. A pretty amazing feat. A couple of days later she also broke the depth record in the ocean with a depth of 52m. Again a national record! The question is with all of her conservation efforts and training, what will she attempt next ? Good luck Estrella!