So Rainy season lived up to its name with two solid days of non-stop rain. The roads up to San Jose, some of them almost impassable and yet we keep smiling. Dry season officially starts in 10 days (or is it 11) and I am counting!! In the mean time I am heading off to Mexico first for a spot of R&R and then LAS Vegas. I can assure you that Vegas is purely for work related purposes ; )…no really! Every year dive professionals from around the world meet up in either Vegas or Orlando to discuss the world of scuba diving. This can be anything from manufacturers with their newest regulator to new dive courses, scientific discoveries , gadgets…… Its a great time to catch up with your dive buddies from around the world and have a little social time too. But first for me as mentioned I get to hang out in beautiful La Paz (which better not have any rain!!) dive a little (or a lot, who knows) and hopefully just relax a bit after the crazy rains. By the time I get back at the end of November it will be straight into the next PADI IDC on the 30th, so non-stop! The flight is boarding so see you on the other side….