Down time in wet season is the perfect time to start tackling the yearly job of equipment servicing. With over 100 tanks, 30 reg sets and the rest, that all need to be checked and looked over, o-rings replaced etc. At the start it can seem like a daunting task but this year I’m lucky enough to have the help of a couple of enthusiastic Dive master trainees who are completing their internship with myself and Go Pro Costa Rica over the next couple of months. I like to integrate equipment servicing with the scuba equipment section of the PADi divemaster course. It goes beyond what is needed but allows the dive master candidates a much more thorough understanding of basic scuba equipment concepts and when preparing for a career in the scuba diving industry, nothing beats that additional knowledge of basic scuba equipment maintenance.
Our first couple of days we have so far spent trying to visual inspect all of our inventory of tanks. A super important job, checking for wear and tear in the tanks, threads and valves. The first couple seem pretty straight forward but after reaching tank 40, knowing you have over 100 in total, it can start to become repetetive which is why for me, nothing makes an equpiment room atmosphere than a bit of rock music playing in the background!
Once the tanks are down…onto the BCDs.