After 2 weeks of beautiful sunshine that is not very characteristic of “Rainy season” it has finally arrived. Yesterday was a completely grey day, and yes….. for a moment it could have been English skies were it not for the heat. Whilst the visibility has really been up and down I have been busy with a steady group of students as well as plenty of fun divers. It seem that no matter the weather or viz, a true diver wants to get wet! With the good diving days in the near future seeming sparser I will be turning my attention to more classroom based courses and tasks including my favourite thing of the year……inspecting all the tanks and overhauling all the regs. What fun I hear you yell, but in truth, the more you do the less rusty the next time right? For my beloved pooch who is now officially a single child ( we don’t count the cat!) all of the extra time and attention devoted to him, especially during rainy season has not had the adverse effect I initially thought it might. We have managed to walk or run at least 5 times a week which has the positive effect on both of us but now it has led to a sulky dog every time I sit on the sofa and consider, just for a minute, that with the rain we may not go out today. There is only so many times that you can tolerate having your leg or hand nudged and listening to the big sigh. With only a month and a half left of the rainy season we are already planning the next instructor course for November which will certainly keep me busy. I think with the shop and classroom being so quiet right now , its also lack of neck scratching and attention from visiting clients that is keeping the woeful sighs frequent, but that will change soon…..