Headed off to Cano island on Wednesday. Mission, to finds some sharks and get some good pictures and video footage. I haven’t had the chance really to take pictures for a while as I’m either with students, fun divers or busy elsewhere, so I jumped on this chance. My dive buddy Alejandro was filming the trip so that we could get some good video footage. There are always an abundance of sharks at Cano, but the majority of the time, they are pretty quiet, chilling on the sand patch. Not today though. They obviously knew the cameras were out as instead of lying half asleep, on entering the water, we were greeted with 4 – 5 of them. Instead of swimming around too much, I decided to hang out at one spot, with lots of schools of fish. In the space of a couple of minutes I had been treated to numerous passes by the white tip sharks. Great! I managed to lie in wait and even manage a couple of shots, so…mission accomplished!