So After my 3 day break, I returned today and jumped straight into an e-learning program. How convenient now is it study your dive academics online?! My student, completing his open water, turns out has been previously certified but back in the 70s, the age of strap BCs and life saver jackets, large one window masks (which are still very popular I have to add) and the rest. I love hearing about classes back in the 70s and 80s as the equipment was a bit more basic. Now its very safety conscious and bulky. He’s doing the right thing though as its been so long since he was on the water and redoing his training. It may have been a while since he was last in the water but he was super comfortable and we worked our way through the confined water sessions. Next, onto the open water and the fish!
I know the picture above is old style…thats just what springs to my head when I’m thinking of scuba in the 70s!