So off to the open water today with one of the most enthusiastic, incredible little 10 year old mermaids that I have yet to encounter throughout my time teaching. You cannot pass more than 20 minutes without a joyful explanation about how exciting and fun everything is and as we began our open water dives I was looking forward to leading the “conversation” underwater.
Here on the pacific coast of Costa Rica, we do receive many visitors to our waters, especially in the form of humpback whales and sometimes as a rare treat we have the opportunity to listen to them singing. As we started on our dive about 10 minutes in I stopped for a moment, tilted my head, as I believed for a moment I was listening to some singing….but…no wait….definately not whales. Wait…a squeal and then definately some very distinctive singing…..coming from my little diver!!! This continued throughout the rest of the dive, interrupted occassionly with squeals of enthusiasm. Altogether a thoroughly fun and entertaining dive. I wonder what the compass exercises will produce tomorrow?!