One thing I have noticed as you slowly move up the Dive “ladder” and expand everything that you are doing, I am spending less and less time in the water. Whilst in some ways I am completely happy about this, I have so much else to do in the dive shop, ordering, Tec courses, Instructor programs, on super hot days like we’ve had through March, by around 8 in the morning I am dying a slow hot death! Its kinda my little joke now that if you put me in the water “i will melt-yes…like the wicked witch!! ; P” So, when some fun opportunities arise to get wet I am on it. I currently have an advanced class that started today, and will be running for a couple of days. One of our dives today was the drift dive. Whilst there is always some current diving around Manuel Antonio Park it can be unpredictable and this dive was no different. We starting our dive, placed our marker buoy and we went heading south…..but after drifting for 15 minutes, we started getting pushed the other way, okay lets go with it. Up the other side of the reef kinds north east…until the reef started to go shallower, now wait….. now we start getting pushed east. We go with it, that’s drifting right?! We ended up having a fantastic dive but it truly shows how unpredictable the ocean can be!!