The thing with us Brits is that the weather is never quite right, its either too hot, or too cold. On a scorching hot day, around the middle of it actually, the electricity, stopped, along with fans at which point I start wishing for a Discover Scuba diver to walk through the door so I can head up to the pool. For the past couple of days I have been busy working on some web graphics etc, and not spending a lot of time in the water, but hey, there’s so much more to being a busy instructor. After a great Assistant Instructor course wrapping up at the end of last week, there is a short break this week, before we start some study sessions with our Divemasters, in preparation for the next IDC. At this moment I am trying to think of ingenius ways of making the “anti-reading” Divemasters study. There’s only so many ways you can remind them of the fact that if you don’t start early…..da de dah next moment, panic attack…Exam! I figured that if I start with study assignments every day in the form of more of a discussion group, that may get them going. Today the distraction was the pooch, tomorrow who knows but I will keep trying. The scubabunny will win over the divemaster and they will enjoy studying YEAH!