It has to go down in my book as officially one of my favorite fish…the Toadfish. When I used to live in Roatan it took me around 8 months to find one and that was after listening to them on numerous dives. I have my reasons for this one being that they sound like motorbikes revving up underwater which in the whole moment of being underwater can be very strange. Once you have managed to stumble upon your first you tend to recognize where they might be so on subsequent dives. I used to find that they like sand chutes and shallow water. It amazed me on one night dive when my previous employer, Alvin at Native sons found on one dive! And yet there are people that after diving fr a number of years have yet to see one! Anyway, Costa Rica diving for 4 years I have not have the joy until about 1 month ago when I heard the all too familiar sound of some toadfish singing. I desperately hunted around but alas. Then just last week after completing an open water diver course What did I see below me, next to a rock but a toadfish!!! Smaller then the caribbean friends and lacking his bushy beard but definately a toadfish. After doing my mini dance underwater and waggling my hand under my chin I frantically at my divers who looked non too impressed. I managed to snap a picture before we surfaced and once back on the boat continued to explain what my crazy actions were underwater. That made my week and now onto looking for the elusive batfish!