Road trip…..down to Golfito on sunday afternoon. Monday had the chance to go exploring new places and went diving in Golfito, a small town in the south towards the Panamanian border. This will hopefully become the extension of oceans unlimited soon but who knows?! First dive was a nice reef, loaaadddddssss of fish, jacks and BIG sting rays. Water was so blue i could have been in the caribbean. Second dive we hit a nice wreck, delibrately sunk , but not by the owner ! Whoops ; ) What was so nice is that it was home to a big grouper and his snapper buddy. Always nice to see big fish. Our third dive we hit a local landmark called the “widow maker” duh duh duuuuhhh! sounds ominous huh? but actually a very cool canyon, pinnacle ridden area. Cool dives all round and definately worth more exploring..until next time chikadees !!!