For many of you taking the step into the professional dive world, one of the biggest worries comes in the form of Divemaster exams…AAGGGGHHH! I find that the ever frightening physics, physiology and RDP exams, are the biggest worries by far for the majority of students. With the help of the workbook and encyclopedia, the best way to start is to do some self study. What you can master by yourself is always a bonus, and from then on its finding what method of learning works for you. Different instructors use different techniques, but for me personally I think visualizing is key. Take for example, behaviour of gases and liquids. To demonstrate this concept, I always find having soda bottles etc handy. This way the students can visualize the concept and actually understand the theory behind gases absorbing liquids under pressure.
For those of you that fear the RDP, I cannot stress enough that for every dive you do , you should plan it on the table, so by the time you get to your exams during your Divemaster course, its not such a mountain! Now with the introduction of the eRDPml its even more straight forward!
With physiology its always fun trying to remember all of your definitions, for the types of DCS, hypoxia etc I always draw people diagrams, labeling what effects where. Seems to help all my students too.
And always remember, the better understanding you have of the material through your divemaster, thats one thing less to worry about for your PADI IDC!