The rescue course is the course, that in my mind is the the start of the road to becoming a professional, prepared diver. This course, many refer to as one of the most challenging yet most rewarding. Focus during this course is shifted from yourself as a diver to recognizing and helping problems with other divers around you. Its all about being prepared and thinking before you act. One of the most challenging skills comes towards the end of your course when you are practicing a scenario involving an unconscious non-breathing diver….what would you do?!
One of the earliest and generally most eye opening challenges happens at the start of the course. This is during one of the first training sessions and is about learning to help both tired and panicked divers. This training always allows those playing the victim, to let loose. Hard work for those doing the rescuing but always a good valuable lesson. Its the time for the Divemaster trainee who just finished his rescue course to play it up for the next would be rescuer…..All fun!