The IDC is starting to draw to an end now and today was the last presentations in open water. After some nice rain a couple of days previous the ocean was calm and the visibility decent. The key lesson today was practicing descents and controlling students which proved to be quite tough, especially when you have some one trying to go head first down a line! After an adventures in diving workshop where everyone got to play around with knots and lift bags the instructor candidates and Divemasters to be who were helping out all had to complete their 800m snorkels. We decided to make ourselves comfy on the bow of the boat and turned it into a bit of a karaoke session with the nice new loud speakers and PA system to cheer on the snorkeling students! Top points for Kats rendition of “I want to know what love is” and for Drew pulling of a fast snorkel swim and a pair of red rocket fins. Extra mention to Conrad the DMT who managed it. end of story!